Beginner actors are provided with basic skills through training in acting, stage techniques, basic voice, reading aloud, movement, blocking, theatre games, improvisation, directing and scene writing over thirty sessions of three hours each. Instruction takes place in English.

The Introduction to Acting course can also be seen as a bridging course to enter the Method Certificate Course at a later date since it assists students who require preparation to further their acting studies.

MATC is your best choice because of the philosophy that underlies the training and the added value not to be found elsewhere in S.A. 


Will YOU benefit by doing this course?

1.    The Introductory Course will suit persons who have never studied acting before yet wish to ascertain whether the acting industry is the right path for them before they commit to further studies.

2.    Method techniques are not taught in the Introductory Course. This Introduction to Acting, however, builds a strong foundation for those who may wish to apply to enter the Method Course at a later date.

3.    Students will gain vast amounts of information about  acting techniques, communication through language and practical story-telling while doing these most enjoyable classes.  

4.    It has been proven that public speaking is a much feared activity! This course will prepare and assist those who need to give talks, do presentations or deal with the  public as part of their jobs.

5.    Some students may simply wish to develop their creativity and have an outlet for their imaginative and artistic abilities while enjoying an interesting, fun and informative activity!

 These classes develop your communication abilities, self-confidence, creativity and expressiveness!

Have fun and enjoy...while learning!

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