Classes take place over a period of forty-one weeks from 23 January to 6 December 2018.

This course is available to first year and senior Method students.

Instruction takes place in both Afrikaans and English. Afrikaans students have the opportunity to study in their mother tongue as well as English.

Course content: Method Acting (Method theory, text analysis, directing skills, relaxation, sense memory and practical scene work) & Voice (including the performance of a Prose & Poetry programme). The course includes 24 (senior) or 29 (1st year) workshops.

Class attendance: Mainly one session per week with 24 exceptions (seniors) or 29 exceptions (1st years). Tuesdays 18h00 to 21h30 plus 24 workshops on Thursdays (senior) and 29 workshops on Thursdays (1st years) from 18h00 until complete, depending on whether it is a technique / performance session or a workshop / shoot / lecture. Some classes will take place on Mondays or Wednesdays.

Additional Time Commitment: Certificate students should have available and be willing to spend approximately 13 hours preparation and rehearsal time outside of class hours per week throughout the year. All available time will not necessarily be used every week.

Fees 2018: Non-refundable and payable upon registration -
R19,080-00 for 207 hrs. tuition (senior) or R20,554-00 for 223 hrs. (1st year). The fees include all workshops as well as preparation for the final exam.

The Method Information Sheet is available on the Downloads page.

Contact Stephanie van Niekerk at 012 751-2227 or 084 302 2457 to make an appointment to attend an information session.

Downloads available for this course:

Method Information Sheet 2018

Method Inligtingsblad 2018

Application form: Method Year Courses

Registration form: Method Certificate First Year

Registration form: Method Certificate Seniors

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