Liane Heyl: Actor, Singer, Cabaret Artist

“Stephanie van Niekerk - my Method acting teacher - taught me to be "real" on stage with the various Method techniques. I would NEVER be where I am today without her guidance... NEVER!!!”

Liane Heyl

Won Avanti award for Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series 1999; Nominated for Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series 1998; TV: Rhythm City, E-TV, Lawyer, Spekskieters, KYKNET, Contestant, Vetkoek-Paleis, SABC2, Comedy Series Lead Role (Boeboe), 1994, 2001, 2007; Hart van Staal, KYKNET, Lead Role of Vixen (Veronica Liebenberg) Jozi Street, E-TV, Clive Morris Prod., 2nd Lead (Suzette) Theatre: Light Operatic Variety show, Durban Lead Singer, 2006; Decades Deelite, Performer Theatre, 2006; Mel Botes- Flight of Bird, Aardklop, Heather, 2005 ; Hearbeat, State Theatre, Earth Mother.

Janri Barker

Janri Barker

Many say: “I’ve always wanted to be an actor.” Few, however, get to know what it really is. Stephanie showed me what it means. She taught me that acting is not about being, but about doing. It is not only about your talent, or your personality, it is a skill that is developed over time. During my five years at The Method Actors’ Training Centre my personal, professional, mental and physical capacities increased, my boundaries expanded, and my horizons broadened. I came to the belief that you need to be both truly passionate, and truly perseverant, in order to become an actor, because without the one, the other soon dies. Method acting is like athletics for the soul. I am thankful for this experience that will last beyond the years I’ve spent. I’ve had the opportunity to see how agonisingly great acting can really be, and I will never look back and say “I wish I did”."


Ingrid Hoffman


I am upset about the fact that I am only allowed to write a “blurb” for this site. I would prefer to write an essay. It is impossible to write something short about the Method, the Method Actors’ Training Centre, or Stephanie van Niekerk. 

I started studying Method acting at the “young” age of thirty nine. Once again, a confirmation that we are never too old to learn. I gathered a vast amount of academic knowledge, experience in acting, character analysis, text analysis, the Method technique, voice technique, directing, set design, blocking and team work. But the most important part was discovering the art that was hidden inside of me; the art of truthful expression. I will always be grateful towards Stephanie van Niekerk for sharing her knowledge and experience with me. She taught me all the techniques I need to be the best actress that I can be. I salute you Steph. You are an extremely talented being, and I will always work hard to make you proud.

Josh Myers: Teacher, Performer, Artistic Director - Taiwan

josh meyersThe pressure cooker of the stage is terrifying. But that's why I love it - the best things in life are exhilarating and terrifying at the same time. Studying with Stephanie opened new worlds for me and therefore enabled me to work with international casts in different genres. Once a Method actor, always a Method actor. I wear that label with pride.

Teacher, Performer and Artistic Director of Taichung Improv (Award winning improv troupe)

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Phillip van Staden: Actor

Philip van Staden"Stephanie has not only taught me the invaluable acting skills and techniques that have been used by the great Method actors of our time, but has also greatly contributed to my personal life and development. I value my experience at the school as a “defining moment” in my life."

Theatre: Binnereis by Stephanie van Niekerk – Winston (2007) – Die Lier; Assistant Director: Dubbelspraak by Stephanie van Niekerk (2006) – Die Lier; Die Sewende Dag by Stephanie van Niekerk – Jacques and Icarus’s Mother by Sam Shepard – Frank, (2005) - Die Lier; Prisma – a program of prose and poetry compiled by Stephanie van Niekerk (2004); Die Laaste Om Te Gaan by Harold Pinter [translated by Stephanie van Niekerk] – Koerantverkoper and Aprés Opèra by Valerie Smith and Michael Bigelow Dixon – Laurent, (2003) – Die Lier; ‘n Private Skietstilstand by Tom Stoppard [translated by Stephanie van Niekerk] – Hospitaalbestuurder (2002) – Die Lier; Director / Actor - Fluff and Leave it to Psmith Inklings

Erika Tuktens: Actor - Australia

Erika Tuktens"Stephanie’s teaching, dedication and encouragement have made me see that anything is possible. Not only her teaching skills and the information she has to share, but also her passion and attitude have been of untold value to me. Thank you, Stephanie, for taking me on such an incredible ride!"
Theatre: Prisma – a program of prose and poetry compiled by Stephanie van Niekerk (2004); No Problem by Catherine Butterfield – Terry and Aprés Opèra by Valerie Smith and Michael Bigelow Dixon – Karen, (2003) - Die Lier

Michelle Victor: Actor

Michelle Victor"To my director, Stephanie van Niekerk: A true teacher will not bid you to enter the portholes of her wisdom but rather lead you to the threshold of your own understanding. Thank you for believing in me. Your guidance has been invaluable."
Film: It's Complicated Short film by Auteur Film School - Melissa: lead (2010); The Great Michael Strauss Junior in Bloom Life in a Glass House Production - Frangipani (2010) Theatre: Daydreams and Nightmares by Stephanie van Niekerk – Sam, (2010) – Die Lier; Aprés Opèra by Valerie Smith and Michael Bigelow Dixon – Karen, (2008) - Die Lier

Xander Sutherland: Actor, Film & Video Director

Xander Sutherland

"Stephanie gee ware 'hands-on' onderrig met praktiese toepassing van alles wat in die kursus aangebied word."

Film & Video Director: Shooting the Masses Production Co. Theatre: Dubbelspraak by Stephanie van Niekerk – Sarel Treurnicht, (2006) – Die Lier;Prisma – a program of prose and poetry compiled by Stephanie van Niekerk (2004);The Husband and the Little Miss by Arthur Schnitzler – The Husband and Die Laaste Om Te Gaan by Harold Pinter [translated by Stephanie van Niekerk] – Kroegman, (2003) – Die Lier

Sarah K Roberts: TV and Stage Director, Actor, Writer

Sarah K Roberts"Once you've worked with the Method technique, you'll wonder how you ever got by without it! As a stage actor and stage / TV director, I've found that knowledge and use of the Method has brought clarity and reality to my work. To anyone who is serious about performance, I can wholeheartedly recommend investing the time and effort to study this unique way of working."

TV: Co-director & Director: Idols M-Net and Signature and the YO-TV Road Show SABC 3; Acting Coach: Backstage e-tv

El Wolf: Actor

El WolfMethod Acting Training Centre taught me: my body is a very useful and sensitive instrument, accessible at any time or place; it is okay to express, in fact it is essential to express; professional behaviour counts for a lot in life; being an actor is hard work....very hard work!; quick and creative decision making is imperative, it’s not glamour that is important but to be a real, confident and conscious artist.

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